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A sound understanding of electrophysiology and the ability to interpret an electrocardiogram is one of the basic necessities of today’s medical practice. The electrocardiogram is an essential diagnostic tool in many working environments including the hospital ward, emergency department and the general practitioner’s rooms, where much will depend on the doctor’s skill in making a rapid assessment of a cardiac tracing. Voltaire is designed to help develop these skills.

ECG Online Tutorials

These tutorials contain thirty chapters which guide the user through the essential and relevant information on electrophysiology of the heart. The normal and abnormal structures and functions are described, as are some of the management options. Start

ECG Self Assessment Exercises

More than 130 ECGs are available for the user to interpret. The user is invited to go through each ECG in a structured manner and is then provided with feedback as to the appropriateness of their selections, with information provided on the abnormalities identified. Start